Imposter syndrome, why is it dangerous for developers

Imposter syndrome is a state of mind where you think that you achieved a success by luck, timing or deceiving others into thinking that you’re intelligent. Basically, it’s when you say to yourself this thought: “I’m a fraud and everyone is about to find out“.  A research conducted in 1980s suggested that two out of five successful people consider themselves frauds. Don’t think of it as a disorder, because it is not. Overcoming imposter syndrome is not hard but it may become a threat to your career, academy, or life paths.


Why it is dangerous

The syndrome can happen to any individual despite the level of their success. It happens to presidents, scientists, engineers, and any individual in any career or position. It happens as a result of self-doubt, and it becomes dangerous when you strangle your own progress by questioning whether you are worthy of certain achievements. It will hold you back from being the best you can be.

Why developers should be aware of it

Did you ever find yourself in this position? You created this software, many people like and use it, but you’re afraid if other developers viewed your code, you will get scathing comments on your bad coding skills or when you struggle with a bug for days and you say to yourself Ok, that’s it. I’m doomed. I’ll never solve this bug and everyone in the company will know that I’m a fraud. Most of the times, you’re wrong. your code is fine and the bug is really hard to solve.

Any developer who doubts his skills should remember that it is natural that we all have doubts about our abilities. Developers should not only address the symptoms of this syndrome but also know how to overcome such a feeling. Here are some things to remember if you ever have these feelings in the future.

  • Accept that you have had a role in your successes.
  • Say it to yourself, “It’s just a syndrome” and get over the feeling on the spot.
  • Realise that nobody knows exactly what’s going on.
  • Realise that your skills are in constant development over time.
  • The most successful people on earth can experience the imposter syndrome.


The bottom line of this post is to not feel intimidating by other’s success and for you not to underestimate your powers and self-value. You must acquire a mindset of self-confidence and not to compare yourself to others. Be consistent and eliminate any doubtful thoughts inside of you. Remember, it’s a very common syndrome and overcoming it is very important to expand your possibilities.

What does a regular day look like for someone living in Gaza?

This post was originally written by me on Quora to answer the question in the title.

I live in Gaza, or what I prefer to call: Gaza Strip. Gaza Strip has four major cities:

  1. Gaza City
  2. Deir al-Balah
  3. Khan Yunis
  4. Rafah.

Currently, I live in Gaza City, but originally I’m from Rafah in the south, which is the city that shares the borders with Egypt.

I work as a web application engineer at the Ministry of Health, so I wake up early in the morning at 07:00. I walk to work since I rented an apartment close to work.

I finish work at 14:30, go back home and eat lunch, then I spend the rest of the afternoon with my family, and sometimes I go to the supermarket to buy some groceries. After sunset, I start working on some side projects and on some freelancing jobs. I have to since I didn’t get my salary for the past one year and a half year on account of the political crisis between Hamas and Fatah.

I used to go to the gym after the sunset. Yep, we have gyms.

main-qimg-2b3c9b0bad4a666541d7af29b5725835 (1)

On the weekends, we have three options: restaurants, parks and the beach.
Gaza Strip is very small, it’s only 360 km² so we get bored easily. Restaurants menus are similar and there is no diversity in the food and the experience, no sushi. 🙁

Parks are small and crowded. The beach may be the only breather in Gaza, but you won’t see beach amenities in Gaza plus it’s very congested in the summer.

I always say this phrase to my friends: “If you have one billion dollars in Gaza, what is the best fun that you can have here? Just go to a fancy restaurant!!”, so no we don’t have skydiving here. 🙁

The blockade has a major effect on Gazans life. When you go to work, you’ll hear power generators buzzing. If you need to establish a business, the first thing you want to do is to purchase a power generator.  And believe me, they are not cheap.

Most people can’t afford power generators, and we have electricity just for six hours per day, and sometimes you spend the whole day without electricity.

Israel prevented a lot of goods from entering Gaza, and one of them is cement. Guys like me are stuck with rent because there is no cement available in Gaza to build our houses. The construction work is semi-dead here and thousands of construction workers are unemployed now.

Some additional points to add:

  • Traveling? Hell no, no airport, no seaport, and the borders are closed.
  • Going to the West Bank? No, you just can’t. You are forbidden.
  • How about buying an iPhone from Amazon or eBay? Big NO: electronics via mail are forbidden too.
  • How about war? Yes, we will give you that. Every two years we will give you a war and will let you live in fear, it’s good for your health and self-esteem.

My last points may be irrelevant to the question, but they are definitely affecting the regular day for someone living in Gaza. I’m very frustrated about the situation here, and I hope it will change soon despite my pessimism.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ask me.


Why I Deactivated My Facebook Account Forever

I had been active on Facebook since 2008, back then Facebook was a good place to share your thoughts and interests, it was not crowded and bloated as today. In my opinion, Facebook became a waste of time, and it really broke social life on the contrary of its purpose, Also Facebook became a source of false news and rumors, apparently, F pages administrators tend to collect likes and shares by publishing fake news and information.

Time Waste

Unless you are an online marketer or a PR Person or Social Media Consultant DO quit Facebook. I’m a web developer and my work requires me to be focused and have fewer distractions. I found myself opening Facebook the minute I open my web browser, and when I finish a minor task I was celebrating by checking Facebook and liking this and sharing that, and this required me more time to get back to my work and start working again. Over time I found myself distracted, started to procrastinate my work more and more, less focus and I had the feeling that I’m not that good in my work. So that had to stop immediately.

Friends? Really?!!

Yes, I’m an introvert, I don’t have a lot of friends, but let’s be honest. I bet that 90% of your “Friends” on Facebook are neither people you really know nor people that if you met them in the street you won’t say “Hi” to them. Facebook made a delusion that you have a lot of people around you, care about you and wish the best for you, but this is not the truth. How many friends called you on your birthday instead of writing on your wall “Happy Birthday”.  In my last birthday, one of the “Friends” literally wrote “HB” on my wall. What on Earth is that?!!!. I know it stands for “Happy Birthday” but seriously?

Do you still want to waste your time?

Ok, I have the solution for you. A wise man once said:

If you’re gonna do something wrong, DO IT RIGHT!!

If you insist to waste your time, waste it RIGHT, on good things, go out with your real friends, call them and meet them, do not post on their walls, they need you to say “Happy Birthday” face to face. If you are not into going out, waste your time on Quora & TED and the other thousands of useful websites. Instead of impressing people you don’t care about, learn something new and beneficial. Your time is yours, it’s one of your most valuable assets, do not squander it.


Eventually, I’m now more focused and organized, and away from endless scrolling and annoying notifications. So please do not waste your time on Facebook or any other social networks, if you can manage your time well and you are not addicted to Facebook, stay there, but if you are addicted, please leave as soon as possible, take an action now. deactivate the account and delete the app from your phone, try it at least for a month and I promise you, you’ll see how fruitful you’ll become. Your time is gold, your real friends are not compensated, stick that in your mind.